Horse Drawn Tours: 3 Modifications To Make To Concord Stagecoaches To Accommodate Children

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Horse Drawn Tours: 3 Modifications To Make To Concord Stagecoaches To Accommodate Children

Horse Drawn Tours: 3 Modifications To Make To Concord Stagecoaches To Accommodate Children

27 June 2016
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If you live in a historic town, you could make some side money running horse drawn tours that introduce tourists to various local monuments. Authentic reproduction Concord stagecoaches, like the ones first built in 1827, can really bring a more historical aura to your business. While very stable and durable, these stagecoaches are not known to be the most comfortable mode of transportation, which can make the ride less enjoyable for children. Here are 3 modifications that you can make to change that.

Lowered Folding Steps

Getting into stagecoaches is not easy – particularly for young children – as the average stagecoach stands approximately 8 ½ feet high. Metal folding steps are generally installed at the door, so that passengers can easily climb into the stagecoach. If your business will be catering to children, you'll want to modify the folding steps, so that they extend lower. With more steps, it will be easier for young children to climb into the stagecoach. For safety purposes, you should definitely help younger passengers get into the vehicle.

Comfy Cushion Seats Within

While authentic stagecoaches have leather seats within, the ride is still considered to be quite uncomfortable. The discomfort will be magnified in young children. Make the stagecoach a lot more comfortable by installing custom leather seats and cushions. Choose a softer type of leather. You should even consider providing additional individual plush cushions inside for those looking for extra back or bottom support.

Safety Bars at the Windows or Glass Windows

It's easy for young children to fall out of the stagecoach if they lean out the windows far enough when it is in motion. Traditional stagecoaches have open windows with leather flaps that are used to keep dirt and dust out. To prevent your passengers from falling out of the ride, consider installing safety bars at the windows. Installing glass panes to the windows will be an even better idea, as the glass will not disrupt the view from within the stagecoach, and will prevent anything from falling out of the windows.


An authentic Concord stagecoach for sale will bring a piece of history to your tours. This will make your business stand out from the competition, as your customers will get to enjoy an experience similar to something experienced centuries ago. These stagecoaches can be a great investment for your business. They are easy to maintain, extremely durable and look absolutely incredible. 

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