Celebrate In Style: 3 Sweet Party Bus Services You Can Request

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Celebrate In Style: 3 Sweet Party Bus Services You Can Request

Celebrate In Style: 3 Sweet Party Bus Services You Can Request

28 March 2016
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If you want to throw a memorable party, you need to find a unique setting and theme that makes all of the traditional options pale in comparison. Luckily, you can schedule time on a party bus to make your celebration the talk of the town. To bring your theme to life, you may be able to add services to your bus rental package. Here are three party bus services to consider for your next big event.

Personal DJ

On a standard party bus, you bring the music and set up the playlist ahead of time or provide a genre for the driver play. If you prefer to have your music customized to the atmosphere of the party, consider asking for a personal DJ to spin records during your drive around town. Make sure to give the DJ a few special songs to play to personalize the music to your tastes. You can also have the DJ play songs dedicated to each of your guests to honor your friendship or family connections.

Regional Tours

Your party bus driver may be able to accommodate requests for regional tours. You can center your theme around historical time periods, haunted buildings or local artists and plan the tour around related venues in your city. Your driver may be able to provide a short description for each location to educate guests on its relevance to your theme. While moving between tour locations, your guests can sing, dance and eat cake to celebrate the occasion.

Tailgate Caterer

For parties centered around sports events, you can hire a bus to transport you to the stadium early to enjoy a tailgate party beforehand. A proper tailgate party is not complete without delicious grilled foods, however. Ask your party bus planner if they can provide a tailgate caterer to prepare and grill a meal for everyone to enjoy while tailgating on the bus. Make sure to provide a list of preferred dishes or select your exact menu before the party date.

Scheduling Your Party Bus Event

Once you create your party plans, you must call around to find a party bus that can provide your ideal service package. If your favored bus rental cannot fulfill your service request, consider asking the planner to help you alter the plans to fit the available options. You may be able to create an even better party by using the party bus planner's suggestions. You can always return to the party bus for future celebrations to try out different themes and identify your favorites. Consider a company like A&A Limousine & Bus Services for your party bus event.

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