Even If You Don't Land The "Big One," Remember To Tip Your Fishing Guide

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Even If You Don't Land The "Big One," Remember To Tip Your Fishing Guide

Even If You Don't Land The "Big One," Remember To Tip Your Fishing Guide

30 March 2016
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When you're an avid fisherman, it's exciting to get away from your typical fishing location for a while and try something new. If you're into the idea of taking a fishing trip, there's nothing better than hiring a fishing guide (such as one from Greatland Taxi and Tours Service) who can help you get results. Hiring a fishing guide on a trip is ideal because you'll increase your odds of landing the "big one." The guide will know exactly where to take you and, as an expert in the area, he or she will be able to quickly gauge how the conditions will affect the fish and make the necessary changes. Given the effort that this person is making on your behalf, it's proper to tip. Here are some things to keep in mind. 

It Never Hurts To Ask In Advance

When you call the guide service to book your fishing guide, it's a good idea to ask if tipping is permitted by the organization. Although many people tip their fishing guides, you might occasionally come across a service that asks its guides not to accept tips. It's beneficial to know this information beforehand so you can be sure to have enough money on hand.  

Ten to 20 Percent Is Appropriate

You should plan to tip your fishing guide between 10 and 20 percent of the cost of the excursion, although you can certainly feel free to tip higher than 20 percent if you're excessively pleased with the guide's attentiveness, professionalism or help.

Evaluate These Factors To Determine The Tip

As the end of the fishing excursion approaches, it's ideal to spend a little time thinking about the guide and evaluating the numerous factors that will influence how much you tip. General things such as the guide's punctuality, friendly personality and helpfulness are always important to consider. You should also think about how quickly he or she got you to the desired fishing areas -- if you're hoping to catch sizable fish, it's ideal to work with a guide who will listen to what you want to get out of the experience and respond accordingly.   

Consider Splitting The Tip With Your Fishing Group

If you're fishing with a couple friends or family members, as it often the norm, don't feel that you need to handle the entire tip just because you booked the excursion. Talk -- in advance -- to your fishing partners about the expected tip amount and ask if they'd be comfortable chipping in. 

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