Keeping Your Wedding Dress Clean While Riding In A Limousine

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Keeping Your Wedding Dress Clean While Riding In A Limousine

Keeping Your Wedding Dress Clean While Riding In A Limousine

31 March 2016
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If you are about to become married, you will want to do whatever possible in keeping your wedding dress clean on your big day. If you plan on taking a wedding limousine to the wedding, there are a few steps you can take to help keep your dress from getting dirty when getting in and out of the vehicle. Here are some tips to use to help keep your wedding dress in pristine shape when taking transportation to get married.

Ask For Help

Before you hire the limo service, ask if they provide help from the driver in getting in and out of the vehicle. If the driver is able to give you a hand as you make your way inside the limo, you will have added stability to hold onto your dress. If the driver does not get out of the vehicle to attend to your needs, you may want to consider a different limousine service altogether. Being able to rely on the driver for this small detail can be the difference in a clean dress or one that gathers dirt as you try to get into the vehicle alone.

Add A Loop

Consider adding a loop to the end of your dress to gather up the bulk of the skirt and train so you can walk without fear of ripping or soiling the material. Getting in and out of the vehicle is one of the times where this added piece of material would come in handy. Most wedding dresses can be altered to add this feature. If you have a bustling feature on your dress, save it for after you are married as it can rumple the back portion of your dress when you sit upon the folded material.

Watch What You Consume

Most wedding limousine services offer complimentary cocktails for passengers. If you decide to partake in a beverage before your wedding, stick with a clear liquid! It may be best to skip beverages until after the wedding has taken place. This will ensure you do not have an accidental spill should the vehicle need to brake suddenly.

Sit By Yourself

If you are taking the limousine with your bridal party, select a seat inside where you do not need to share the area with anyone. Having your own seat will help keep your dress from becoming dirty as there is no risk of someone stepping upon it or brushing their makeup against it. Most limousines have plenty of seating set up in a way where everyone can talk to each other comfortably no matter where you are positioned. Contact a business, such as Arrive In Style Limousines, Inc, for more information.   

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