3 Tips To Keep Your Cargo Shipping Costs Down

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3 Tips To Keep Your Cargo Shipping Costs Down

3 Tips To Keep Your Cargo Shipping Costs Down

6 February 2019
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If your company moves a lot of cargo, one of your largest operating expenses is likely your shipping costs. If you are interested in keeping these costs down, it might be time to re-assess how you are currently taking care of your shipping needs. Here are three cargo transportation tips that might help you and your bottom line.

Are There Products That Can Travel By Ground or Sea?

Does your business ship a lot of cargo by air? While this can help keep your business running efficiently, air travel costs can also add up over time. Take a look at your product line or inventory, and figure out what is actually selling on a frequent basis and which items you could afford to slow down on. Moving even some of your items to ground or sea-based shipment could dramatically reduce your overall costs.

Change Your Shipping Schedule

Do you always ship your products at a certain time every month or week? If so, take a look at the schedule and see if you can get away with making an adjustment. If you ship products during more off-peak hours, you might be able to talk your cargo transportation company into giving you a discount because they know they won't be as busy during that time frame.

Consolidate With One Cargo Shipper

Finally, another way you could significantly bring down your cargo shipping costs is if you consider consolidating all of your shipments with one cargo transportation provider. This will help in a number of ways. 

First, your new shipping provider may offer you a discount for giving all of your business to them. Usually, the more you ship with one provider, the less the cost per item or per pound will be. 

Second, this could streamline the overall process in a way that saves money. Instead of having to coordinate with multiple shipping providers for multiple products, you can let one company handle everything. This could also prove helpful if a shipment is ever running behind schedule, because you won't have to waste time trying to figure out which cargo transportation company currently has it. You'll already know that it's your one and only.

If you are looking for ways to keep your shipping costs from hurting your bottom line, take a look at your shipping process and see if you can make an adjustment or two. Reach out to a cargo transportation company today to inquire about consolidating your shipments or trying out a new mode of transportation.

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