Helicopter Ride Tips For Those Prone To Motion Sickness

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Helicopter Ride Tips For Those Prone To Motion Sickness

Helicopter Ride Tips For Those Prone To Motion Sickness

25 April 2019
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There are those who can ride in a car for hours and feel great at the end. Then, there are those who can barely sit in the passenger's seat for 10 minutes without feeling like they're going to hurl. If you fall into the later camp and suffer from serious motion sickness, the mere idea of going up in a helicopter may leave you feeling nervous. Thankfully, there are some ways to manage your motion sickness and make a helicopter ride more pleasant.

1. Take Dramamine

Dramamine is a medication that helps ease the symptoms of motion sickness. Even if you manage to get through car rides without it, you should take a dose about a half hour before climbing on the helicopter. This ensures the medication has time to kick in before the ride begins. If you are nervous about riding in a helicopter and feel that your nervousness may play into your motion sickness, you can also take a dose of Benadryl. This will mellow you out a bit and help fight nervousness.

2. Practice Some Deep Breathing Exercises

In the weeks leading up to your helicopter ride, practice some deep breathing exercises. You want to be familiar with the exercises and how to do them before the ride so completing them seems like second nature. Deep breathing will relax you, which will help stop your stomach muscles from seizing up around your intestines and making your motion sickness symptoms worse. 

A good simple deep breathing exercise is to inhale to the count of four, hold your breath for four seconds, and then blow the air out in four short bursts. Try this and other patterns to see which works best for you.

3. Sit in the Front

If you'll be riding in a helicopter with front and back seats, make sure you sit in the front seat. If there are others on the helicopter with you, explain that you get really motion sick and ask if they'd be okay in the back. You'll be able to see more from the front seat than from the back seat, which will help you feel less ill. As the helicopter moves, try to focus on the horizon in front of you. Focusing on one stable, non-moving thing in front of you will help prevent motion sickness. 

Riding in a helicopter is not easy when you have motion sickness, but with the tips above, you'll be able to manage.

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