3 Reasons You May Prefer to Charter a Private Jet vs. Having Fractional Ownership

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3 Reasons You May Prefer to Charter a Private Jet vs. Having Fractional Ownership

3 Reasons You May Prefer to Charter a Private Jet vs. Having Fractional Ownership

25 September 2019
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As someone who loves to fly on private or semi-private jets as opposed to taking commercial airlines, you might have thought about investing in fractional ownership of a private jet. After all, you might have decided that this is a more affordable option than purchasing a private jet, and you might like the idea of owning at least a fraction of a plane. Instead of looking into fractional ownership, though, you might just want to charter private jets when you need them for the following reasons.

1. You'll Only Pay When You Fly

One big concern that many people have about fractional ownership of a private jet is about whether or not they will get their money's worth out of the investment. If you fly a lot, then you might find that having fractional ownership is a smart financial move. If you aren't sure of whether or not you are truly going to fly enough for the investment to be worthwhile, though, you might be more comfortable with chartering a private jet when you need one. Then, you only have to worry about paying when you actually need to take a flight. Plus, if you need to decrease expenses at some point, you can simply stop flying as much or start taking commercial flights instead, which isn't an option when you have fractional ownership in a jet.

2. You Won't Have to Worry as Much About Availability

When you have to share a private jet with others, you might find that the jet is not always available when you want to fly. This can be a particularly big problem if you like to fly during popular times, such as if you like to fly near the holidays. If you charter a jet, though, you can simply look for another service if the first service does not have any planes available for the day and time that you want to take a trip.

3. You Can Try Out Different Jets

When you have fractional ownership in a private jet, then you will have to fly on that particular jet each time that you fly. If you are someone who likes experiencing different types of aircraft, this could become boring to you over time. When you charter a private jet, on the other hand, you can choose to fly on different types of planes. This will make it easier for you to experience lots of different aircraft.

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