3 Tips To Help You Better Understand The Process Of Obtaining An Overweight Permit

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3 Tips To Help You Better Understand The Process Of Obtaining An Overweight Permit

3 Tips To Help You Better Understand The Process Of Obtaining An Overweight Permit

24 February 2021
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When you are hauling a large load with a commercial vehicle, you have to ensure your load meets certain weight and size restrictions, so you are allowed to transport your load from one state to another.

If you have a heavier or larger load than is legally allowed, you will have to obtain a special permit to transport that load within your state or from one state to another. Special permits are required for oversized loads, to protect the loads' overall integrity and ensure that operators who are transporting oversized loads understand safe operating practices.

When it comes to obtaining an overweight or oversize permit, you can take steps and actions that will make the permit process easier.

Tip #1: Get Your Application In Early

Overweight and oversize permits are reviewed regularly, with the goal of getting the approval or rejection back to the person asking for the permit as soon as possible.

However, it is impossible to completely predict government workload and exactly how quickly your application will be approved, which is why you shouldn't wait until the last minute to submit your application. As soon as you know you need to move an overweight load, you will want to get the details together and get your application in so that you have the permit in hand when you need it.

Tip #2: Use The Online Application Portal

When it comes to applying for an overweight permit, you can go the old-fashioned way and mail in the permit. Doing this will add a lot of processing time to your application, though, as it will take 2-4 days for the application to get to the permit office, then the mail has to be sorted and sent to the right person, and after it is approved, the approval has to be mailed back. This can turn getting a permit into a multi-week process.

When you submit your application online, your application will arrive in the permit office on the same day you submit it. As soon as your application is reviewed, you will get the results immediately. Getting a permit can take a matter of days instead of weeks with an online application tool.

Tip #3: Get Professional Assistance

When it comes to applying for an oversize permit, you need to get all the details right. You are going to need to share exactly what you are transporting and the weight of the load. You are going to need to submit your plan for the routes that you will take. It can take some time to complete an overweight permit application, which is why working with a professional to complete the application can make getting a permit even easier.

When it comes to getting an overweight permit, you will want to get your application in early, use the online application portal, and work with a professional permit company to ensure all of your applications are approved.

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