Why Cabs Are Better Than Ride-Hailing Apps

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Why Cabs Are Better Than Ride-Hailing Apps

Why Cabs Are Better Than Ride-Hailing Apps

23 August 2023
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At some point, you are likely to need a ride. As a result, you might be tempted to use an app-based service that connects drivers and passengers. But before you tap that button, you should consider the benefits of calling a cab instead.

Here are some reasons why cabs are better than ride-hailing apps.

Cabs Are Safer

Cab drivers are licensed, trained, and regulated by the city. They undergo background checks, drug tests, and inspections. Thus, you can feel safe when you enter a cab, knowing that the driver has been properly trained and screened.

Drivers for apps are not city-regulated. They are independent contractors who use their own cars and set their own rules. You never know who is behind the wheel or what condition their vehicle is in. The drivers do not have to share any of their background information with you. Moreover, ride-hailing apps have been involved in many cases of accidents, assaults, and even murders.

Cabs Are Cheaper

The charges associated with ride-calling apps often surge when demand is high, such as during holidays or even during certain times of day. Thus, your ride may end up being much more expensive than you expected.  

Cabs have fixed rates that are regulated by the city. You can see the meter and know exactly how much you are paying. Plus, cabs accept cash and credit cards, while most ride-hailing apps only accept credit cards or other online forms of payment.

Cabs Are More Reliable

Ride-hailing apps rely on GPS and cellular networks to connect drivers and passengers. If there is a problem with the signal, you might not be able to find a ride or communicate with your driver. Cabs use radio dispatch and have dedicated phone lines. You can always call a cab company and get a ride quickly, regardless of the strength of your network signal.

Cabs Are More Ethical

Ride-calling apps have been accused of many unethical practices, such as exploiting drivers, evading taxes, violating labor laws, and undermining public transportation. In addition, they are sometimes associated with a history of sexual harassment, discrimination, and privacy violations within a corporate culture. Cabs are part of the local community and support the livelihoods of hard-working drivers.

When you need a ride, think twice before using a ride-hailing app. Contact a cab agency in your local area. You are likely to feel more comfortable about your ride and your driver.

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