How To Choose The Right Car Hauler For Your Racer

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How To Choose The Right Car Hauler For Your Racer

How To Choose The Right Car Hauler For Your Racer

18 June 2016
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If you want to start racing on the weekends, you will need to find a way to get your racer to the track safely. Most race cars are not street-legal, so you cannot simply drive them wherever you need to go. Car haulers are a great option for many race car drivers. The guide below walks you through a few things to consider when purchasing a car hauler that you will use on a regular basis.

Choose a Hauler with a Built-In Ramp

When you buy a hauler to use to for your race car, be sure to choose one that has a ramp built into the end of it so that you do not have to worry about transporting and aligning separate ramps onto the end of the hauler. Having to properly align the ramps can be somewhat time-consuming and a bit frustrating if you do not get them just right. When the ramp is built onto the hauler, all you will have to do is pull it out or flip it down and drive your car on or off the hauler quickly and easily.

Consider the Weight Load Capacity of the Hauler

Before purchasing a hauler, it is important to take its weight load capacity into account to ensure that it will be able to support the weight you need it to be able to support. Many people choose to attach a lockable storage box onto their haulers to store their tools that they may need in case anything needs to be adjusted to their race car before the big race. These tool boxes can sometimes be quite heavy, and when you add the weight of the car to the hauler, as well, you want to be sure that it can handle the heavy load.

Consider the Size of the Hauler

Take measurements of your race car before you go to buy a hauler to ensure that you know how large or small the hauler needs to be for your car to fit securely on it. You want to be sure that you purchase a hauler that is long and wide enough for your car to fit on it without any of the tires rubbing on the sides of the hauler, because this can damage the tires.

Once you buy a hauler, be sure to load your race car up and practice driving it around before you actually have to take it on a trip anywhere. This will allow you to be sure that you can handle it well and that your vehicle is properly secured to the hauler.  

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